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Mobile Websites

The world wide web is now portable

Over the last five years, the concept of surfing the world wide web on a mobile device has exploded in popularity, even more so with the widespread use of smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone. And with devices such as the iPad becoming more and more popular, it has never been as important to ensure that you have a website compatible with these devices.

Most websites out there will work to some degree on mobile phones and tablet computers, but this is now not enough with full compatibility in demand thanks to increased usage in the past year. A mobile website from Datavane could be one of two things: either a website built for desktop users that is compatible with mobile operating systems, or a fully mobile-specific website that is tailored to the requirements of the mobile user.

Depending on the design and layout of a website it is not always possible or effective to make it both aesthetically pleasing and fully usable on a mobile device. Sometimes decisions need to be made on whether to build a separate mobile site or compromise on the design to accommodate mobile requirements. At Datavane we have access to the latest gadgets so we always do our best to achieve cross-device compatibility.

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