Datavane are Lincolnshire-based developers of web-based systems, applications and websites; for SMEs and global corporations alike.

Our Expertise

How we work, what tools we use and why you should use us

At Datavane we have a team of skilled, experienced and well-rounded people. We understand the mechanics of business, the importance of usability and above all how to produce quality systems that offer real value to the needs of your business or organisation.

Our language of choice

We are web developers first and foremost and our first language is PHP, in which we are extremely fluent with decades of collective experience across our team. For those unfamiliar with PHP, it is essentially the code that turns a basic flat website –  that merely displays information – into a dynamic interactive website which can be used for so many different things such as creating, modifying, exchanging and managing data. The possibilities are endless.

Getting it right first time

The end product is clearly very important in any given project, but we believe that the method of producing that product is of equal importance. At Datavane we always allocate the right amount of time to properly plan, implement and deliver our systems – and offer a realistic lead time to ensure that the job is done correctly, to specification, at the first time of asking. We achieve this by writing code that can be easily maintained (especially 1 or 2 years down the line), compliant with industry standards and that is secured and organised correctly.

The right tools for the job

While we are confident that we can create any sort of system to meet your requirements and specifications from scratch, we also take into consideration the amount of precious time this can consume. This is why we also use tried and tested tools and frameworks that are already available if it can be easily accommodated with the specification, to avoid reinventing the wheel. We have a lot of experience in taking an existing framework and evolving it further to fit the specification we have been given.

In addition to our skills and experience in web development, our team have had significant experience in different industry sectors throughout their careers, and apply the relevant aspects when developing a given project. We understand the significance of saving time, being financially efficient, lightening workload and increased throughput.

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