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Hosting and Management

Where your website physically is and how it’s maintained

We offer a range of hosting packages to our customers to meet their varying requirements. For the uninformed, all websites need to be hosted (stored) on a computer (called a server) that is connected to the Internet, otherwise it’s not a website at all, merely a series of files. Hosting is a fact of life and needs to be paid for as the running costs of keeping a server running 24/7 while continually sending and receiving data to the Internet are clear.

As a customer it is usual to have your website hosted by the same company who built it, and all Datavane customers receive an inclusive year of hosting when they ask us to build their website. It is entirely possible to transfer your website from one hosting provider to another, however it is uncommon for there to be no impact on the performance of your website in terms of downtime and search engine ranking in particular.

The cost of hosting varies mainly on the popularity of the website, and also the degree of hosting management required. Basically the more a website gets visited, the more “bandwidth” – server time, power, resources etc. – are allocated to it, and this costs more money. Most websites on the internet do not have millions of visitors and so can be hosted on one server, whereas the biggest websites out there such as Facebook, Amazon and Google command multiple locations around the world, filled with servers handling the sheer volume of data required to handle millions of visitors. You may not have to contend with a hosting bill of that magnitude yet, but the sky’s the limit! Generally speaking, the costs may increase year on year, if your website becomes significantly more visited.

We can also host your emails on our server alongside your website if required, but it is by no means compulsory. We can also offer varying degrees of hosting management; regular site and database backups (for use if the worse happens), mailbox monitoring, domain management and so on.

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