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Case Study

Pickmaster guitar pick maker

Our client approached us with a requirement to develop a site for a product that they have designed and  manufactured and are currently selling internationally. The Pickmaster is a hand operated pick punch that is able to make plectrums out of old plastic cards and packaging. The idea is that you simply take the Pickmaster in one hand, the plastic to be cut in the other, insert the plastic into the Pickmaster and “click” – a new guitar pick is born. The ideal gift or kit bag accessory  for any guitarist.

The issue has been that they recently wanted to start holding stock in the UK to make sure that there was adequate supply at short notice for the their distributors as well as to be able to support smaller retailers and distributors in more far flung places of the world.  Well, if you are holding stocks of Pickmasters then it only makes sense to offer this world beating plec cutter to customers direct online.

The real challange is though to dovetail the system into existing stock control systems to make reordering and stock management a doddle.

We are also working on new media to show off the Pickmaster pick punch online so watch this space!


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